Seeing water condensing on the inside of your windows might not be much of a concern to you, but did you know that it could lead to serious problems down the road? Condensation that collects in the wrong place can encourage mold growth, cause rot to take hold and it can make your home more attractive to pests.

Condensation forms when air containing moisture comes into contact with a cold surface. While it is most commonly seen on metal, porcelain and glass surfaces since these usually have a colder temperature than their surroundings, it can happen on any material.

So, what can you do to prevent condensation? Your approach should be multi-faceted. One important thing to do is to keep humid air out of your home. If summers where you live get hot and humid, you should make sure to have good insulation. You should also make use of an air-conditioner or dehumidifier to lower the humidity in your home.

It is also good practice to insulate your pipes, since exposed cold water pipes make an excellent surface for humidity to condense.

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