Ants are everywhere. In fact, they are one of the most common pests that you will find in your home. Even though they aren’t as harmful as termites, they can still do quite a bit of damage to your home. Some species will dig into the wood of your home, while others might chew on cables and damage them.

Ants can also carry disease, and their bites, while not very potent, can cause inflammation, cramps and headaches.

White there are many different commercial ant traps and repellents that you can use to deal with an infestation, you should also make sure that you don’t inadvertently attract ants to your home.

If you spill anything containing sugar or honey, you need to clean it up quickly, since it is one of their favorite things. Anything sweet should also be kept in well sealed containers.

If you have soda cans or other items that contain sugar in your recycling bin, you should make sure that it is sealed well so the ants can’t access them.


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