Your home is probably the place where you feel safe from the current COVID-19 outbreak, but it is very easy to bring contamination into your home and then have it spread. We all need to do some essential shopping, or if you manage to get deliveries of all your necessities, the packaging could very well have been contaminated. This is why cleaning your home is so essential.

So, how do you kill the coronavirus? The most common solutions are EPA registered disinfectants, a mixture of 2% bleach in water, or 60% alcohol. If you are using bleach, which is one of the easier solutions to get a hold of right now, a little goes a long way. You don’t need a high concentration of bleach to kill the virus, it is much more important that you use it properly. Leave the solution on the surface you’re cleaning for a short period so that it can kill the virus, and wear protective gloves, both to protect yourself from the chemical you’re using as well as the possibility of contamination.

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