042 – Bathroom Ceiling Fan

If you take a really hot shower, you might notice condensation on windows and mirrors, as well as a lot of steam in the air. This could be a sign that your bathroom fan is not working as well as it should.

Due to the large amounts of humidity in the air when you shower, it’s very important that your fan does work, otherwise you will be facing problems with water damage and mold.

It could do that a simple cleaning is all your fan needs. Making sure that the fan is turned off, you can clean it and its cover thoroughly, removing any dust buildup. If this still doesn’t help airflow, you might need to look at the functionality of the fan. Is it old and noisy? Replacing a bathroom fan is fairly inexpensive and uncomplicated. It is also important that the ductwork from the fan vents outside your home, and that the ducts are as straight as possible.

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