There are many areas of your home where ventilation is important. Your shower and bathroom are probably the first that come to mind, but your kitchen is another location that needs good ventilation. There is a lot of steam, as well as, other gasses that are released when cooking, and this can do damage to your kitchen if they aren’t vented to the outside of your home. Your kitchen fan should be located directly above your stovetop to be effective. It also needs to have a vent that is running as straight as possible to the outside of the home. This will make it more efficient, and minimize the risk of obstructions from any type of buildup of debris.

There are some kitchen fans that are just duds – a fan that doesn’t have anywhere to funnel the air. You might want to make sure this isn’t the case in your kitchen. Don’t forget to regularly change the filter in your kitchen fan, since this could turn into a fire hazard.

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