While none of us likes to have mold growing in our homes, it is truly an amazing organism. You can find it anywhere in the world, and it doesn’t need much to take root and start growing. Mold is also essential in the creation of some medicines, and some even enjoy it in cheese. Still, mold in your home can be very damaging, and can cause serious health side effects. Your best protection against mold is to keep your home dry. The problem is that there are many sources of moisture that could offer mold the right environment to start growing.

Leaking pipes should be repaired immediately. You should make a habit of cleaning up your kitchen counter, as well as, your bathroom sink after using them, and don’t leave wet fabric laying around in your home, whether it is a towel or clothes. Ventilation is a great weapon in the fight against mold, so make sure you have fans installed anywhere that moisture might form, and get into the habit of opening up your windows to air your home out.

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