A home remodel might sound like an appealing thing for improving the value of your home, but is it going to be money well spent? The answer to that depends a lot on what you decide to do and how you do it.

Unfortunately the average return on investment for a remodel is as low as 65%, which should tell you why you need to be judicious in the way you use your funds. Just doing a remodel to improve the sale price of your home is seldom worth the money, except in some very specific cases. Return on investment varies from region to region as well, so you should see what the market is like in the area where you live.

Smaller renovations and repairs usually give a better return since they give an obvious visual improvement with little work, but don’t start tearing up walls and floorboards just before selling your home, it just isn’t worth it. A fresh coat of paint is actually going to pay off much better than anything major.

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What Every Homebuyer in Hawaii Should Know

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