When asbestos was first used as a building material, it was thought to be amazingly versatile. It absorbs sound, is resistant to electricity, fire and heat, and on top of that, it was cheap. Not until after it had been in use for decades, did the bad health effects get discovered, and its use has been outlawed since the 1950’s. Even though it is not being used in new construction today, if you are living in an older home, there might have been asbestos used back when it was built. Fortunately, asbestos is harmless unless disturbed. This means, however, that you should not try to renovate your home before making sure whether there is asbestos in it or not. If you try to do renovations yourself, you could release harmful fibers into the air that could cause cancer and other respiratory problems. Even if you take precautions not to breathe it in, you could track it through your home, and the fibers could become airborne at a later time.

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What Every Homebuyer in Hawaii Should Know

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