We all like convenience, isn’t that true? Well, if you do, have you thought about upgrading your home to a smart home? The market is overflowing with cheap devices that can make a lot of mundane tasks automated, from turning on lights to adjusting the temperature to locking the doors and everything in between. There really is no limit to the things you can do, but before you start down that path, there are a couple of things to keep in mind.
First, you should think of security. There are many manufacturers that have poor security on their devices making them prime targets for hackers. You should stick with well-established companies that you can trust.
Second, you should pick the infrastructure that you want to use and then stick with it. There are a few different big players when it comes to home control, but the biggest ones are without a doubt Alexa and google. Having a mix of both systems is just going to be confusing, so pick one and don’t look back. Both systems have their advantages and disadvantages, so there is no perfect choice.

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