If your child was in the pool right now, would you know? Unfortunately, some parents wouldn’t, and even if they have a gate or locked door preventing the child from gaining access to the pool on their own, it could happen that parents forget to lock up when they leave. Nothing is more tragic than accidents involving children, and especially when they can be prevented. One safeguard that some parents have chosen to put in place for their pool is a pool alarm. Pool alarms come in different styles. There are those that your child will wear as a bracelet that will set of an alarm if it gets wet. There is a style that floats on top of the pool and goes off when waves splash into it, or there are those that are installed below the surface that will alert you when there is a change in pressure in the pool. All these variations have pros and cons, but they will give you some additional oversight and help alert you when your child might be in the pool unattended.

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