How Your Dryer Should Be Vented

Do you know how much water you can find in an average load of laundry? Of course, it depends on the type of material and how big the load is, but usually there will be about a gallon. When you run those clothes in the dryer, that water is turned into steam, but where...

How Clean Are Your Ducts?

These days, we spend a lot more time indoors than in years past. This means that the air in your home has a great effect on you. Since dirt and dust that is floating around in the air will end up in your lungs, you would want to breathe air that is as clean as...
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What Every Homebuyer in Hawaii Should Know

Before you buy a home here on the Big Island, be sure to read this important information.

Every homebuyer in Hawaii should read this information, because it could mean the difference between the home of your dreams - or a nightmare. 

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