How to Deal With Asbestos in Your Home

When asbestos was first used as a building material, it was thought to be amazingly versatile. It absorbs sound, is resistant to electricity, fire and heat, and on top of that, it was cheap. Not until after it had been in use for decades, did the bad health effects...

Keeping Burglars Out

There are few things that are more disturbing than being the victim of burglary. It can transform your home from a place where you feel comfortable and safe into a stress filled environment. Many report feeling like their personal space has been violated, and that...
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What Every Homebuyer in Hawaii Should Know

Before you buy a home here on the Big Island, be sure to read this important information.

Every homebuyer in Hawaii should read this information, because it could mean the difference between the home of your dreams - or a nightmare. 

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